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Some of our Reviews:


Just checked out your divorce website. Brilliant!  As a veteran divorce lawyer and twice divorced woman, I am awestruck by your offerings. Good job, Kathey.


You are one of the most passionate, compassionate people I know. I so appreciate how you and others have helped me through the stages of divorce. I now realize there IS life and happiness after divorce. Thank you Kathey Batey.


This wonderful woman Kathey Batey was instrumental in helping me move past all the hurt from my divorce. If you know of anyone going through a divorce, please forward this to them. Divorce Care Group is a life-changer for sure!  


Kathey, what a privilege it has been to take this class. Tonight was special. Thank you for all that you do as you minister to wounded and broken hearts. You give hope to those who have experienced tremendous pain and loss. What a beautiful gift you give! 

The road to healing and health.


 You are now ready to create an intentional and power life. Ready to

reDesign the rest of your story.

Stage 3

For the road to healing and health

stage 4

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Bewilderment and confusion, this is the initial stage of divorce. Shock, betrayal and the feeling of disorientation are a normal part of this stage.  Your body is operating on adrenaline and emotion.  

Note from Kathey: ​

It is not, nor will ever be my intention to dishonor marriage or encourage divorce. This website is to help those who find themselves in this treacherous territory and need help surviving it. 

Encouraging words for a desperate ​night.

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Check out our new Suddenly Single Series on the Services page.

Stage 2

Locally led groups:

Divorce Support:

Tribes Church

6070 Kuttshill NE,

Rockford, MI. 
Begins Thurs. October 26th 

10 weeks) 6:30 - 8:30 


Cost $50


ReDesigning Your Life 

(after Divorce)

Tribes Church

Begins Sept. 18th

to register or to see when

a program is coming

near you.

STage 1


This is the second stage of divorce. You have critical decisions to make even though your life is in chaos. We have guidance for you.


The third stage is acceptance of the situation, finding your new normal and finding the ​positive in singleness.


​​​Online Webinars

We offer a webinar for every phase of your life in divorce. Each stage has 2 live webinars for you to join. If the live webinars don't fit into your schedule we also have them recorded.

​DISCLAIMER: Kathey Batey is a life transition coach,  corporate trainer, speaker, author. She is not presenting herself as a professional therapist. This information is for educational purposes only and all responsibilities for individual choices are up to the individual. 

​​How Do I Help Someone

Going Through Divorce?
(Acknowledgment means a great deal)
Sit and be sad with them
Pray for and with them
Listen, don’t judge
Give them resources
Follow up and check on them
Invite them
Appropriate tender touch

Be sensitive and ask what they need and not assume what they need. 

About Your Host:

Kathey Batey has helped hundreds of people going  through the trauma of divorce. Working with individuals and groups who share pain of divorce and need direction during this difficult time. She is the author of the book Suddenly Single and the creator of the program ReDesigning Your Life and Divorce Support Anonymous.

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NEW Suddenly Single Series

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