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The webinars are led by Kathey Batey who has been in the divorce work for the past 10+ years. She is a certified Domestic Mediator and has facilitated groups of divorcing individuals for the past ten years. We’re committed to providing you tools to make it through this difficult transitions. There is hope on the other side of this trauma.

our Online Webinars

Why join our webinars?

Divorce Support Anonymous webinars provide guidance and depth of thought to bring you through divorce and make it leverage to a new and exciting life. We have two parts to each webinar, so you have time to process the information and relate it to what you are experiencing in your own divorce.

Our Mission

​DISCLAIMER: Kathey Batey is a life transition coach,  corporate trainer, speaker, author. She is not presenting herself as a professional therapist. This information is for educational purposes only and all responsibilities for individual choices are up to the individual. 

We’re committed to helping you.

Not everyone is willing to seek help from their church or counselor. Sometimes we feel our pain is so private that we don't want to have to face someone with it. I understand, use this site as a companion to get you through this difficult time.  

Divorce is a road that should never be traveled alone, we make sure you don't. 

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"Going through divorce is a painful time. And yet, it is equally as powerful in it's ability to move you and change you for the better."  Kathey Batey

Our mission is to provide a safe place for someone going through a divorce to have support, comfort and direction during this difficult time. We're passionate about your heart.

We are here for you every step of the way.

Weekly calls offer you a safe place in the comfort of your own home to connect with other people.

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Stage 1 - The Stage of Shock & Emotions

Shock is the initial stage of going through divorce, even if you were the one who left the marriage. You are in a

stage of pain, disorientation and emotions. Your mind is raging, your heart is fading. This is normal part of divorce.

Guidance through this tumultuous time is critical. Do not go through divorce alone.

Stage 2 - The Stage of Decisions

Life changing decisions are made during a divorce. It is a critical time which should be guided with advising

experts. How do you navigate through a legal and emotional landmine you have never been through before?

With help!

Stage 3 - The Stage of Acceptance

The stage of acceptance is a time to learn to live with your new normal, setting boundaries, managing your and

other's expectations. Acceptance is crucial as preparation for your new life. Understanding you are loved uniquely

and profoundly by God and learn how to embrace this truth.

Stage 4 - The Stage of Moving Forward

The stage of Moving Forward is a time to redesign your life. It takes intention and strategy. Rekindling those

dreams and goals or creating new ones. This time needs guidance to live a purposeful life God intends for you and

not being a reflex to other peoples agenda for your life.