Each seminar is approximately 1 hour long (live webinars may go longer if needed). 

$4.97 for each seminar

or purchase all 8 seminars for $35.00.

stage 3

     Individual consultation?

       Request on the shop.divorceanonymous.com and

       we can schedule a private time to speak. 

Our webinars allow you to gain support anonymously if you would like or if you want the information only and not the involvement you can listen to a recorded version of each webinar.

Recorded Webinars

For those who do not want to participate, but want to hear the information and questions from previous recordings. Or find themselves in the middle of the night unable to sleep.

The book Suddenly Single can be purchased for

$18 separately or with the purchase of any seminar $15 (includes tax and shipping).

The third stage is acceptance of the situation, learning your new normal and

finding your new life .



Stage 4

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Thursday 6:30 EST

Live Webinars

Thursday nights  6:30 P.M. EST

approx. 1 hour long for people who don't want to be known going through their pain, but still need help.

Stage 1 

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Bewilderment and confusion. This is the initial stage of divorce. Shock, betrayal and confusion. Your body is operating on adrenaline and emotion.  

 REcorded Webinars 

Online Webinars

stage 2

Suddenly Single is a gentle guide

through the transition of divorce. An easy read for those who need help and direction. Nine chapters to instruct and motivate you to move forward to a successful single life.

For the road to healing and health.

​DISCLAIMER: Kathey Batey is a life transition coach,  corporate trainer, speaker, author. She is not presenting herself as a professional therapist. This information is for educational purposes only and all responsibilities for individual choices are up to the individual. 

What now? You are looking forward and ready to create

an intentional, powerful life. 

Live webinar here

Thursday nights 6:30 EST


You have critical decisions to make, you experience waves of grief but still

​have to function